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Tata Telco 01.1997 Interrieurset Dashboard Bekleding 3M 11 -Onderdelen



  • Manufacturer : Tata
  • Model: Telco
  • LHD versie voor linksgestuurde auto's (Continentaal Europa, Amerika, ...)
  • Uitvoering: Alle modellen, Beschrijf bij bestelling Handmatig of Automatisch versnellingsbak, Handmatig of Automatisch AC
  • Model Jaar: 1.1997
  • Aantal onderdelen stukjes: 11
  • Positie van Trim Parts: Dash Board / Centre Console

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Would you like an expensive luxury car? It doesn't cost a lot! It takes only 45-60 minutes to give your car a new look. Dealers sell these kits for 150-300 Euros, BUT! You can save hundreds of Euros if you'll buy it from us - from manufacturer! No dealers! No distributors!! No expensive prices!!!
Presented product is made to upgrade an interior of your car and bring it into a world of elegance within few minutes. Thanks to modern fitting technique used in its design bringing your car's interior to the next level it quick and easy you can do it by yourself!
Our order system allows you to choose in many different trims styles from wood alike, smooth, shining, carbon alike till yellow!
Dash trim will add chic and elegant to your car as well as make it look well maintained.
Features of  the product:
*3D effect through 2,5 mm (0,1 inch) 3M-Original thick material,
*made from Polyurethane (PUR),
*resistant to high and low temperatures,
*made from soft and flexible materials-guarantee of safety in case of any accident,
*unbreakable, scratch--and splinter-proof, with smooth rounded edges,
*easy to fit (with self-adhesive bond-no glue!)
*no risk of damage in case of removal,
*individual choice of design,
*adjust to the model of your car,
Thanks to its unique design our product gives 3D effect which can be equivalent to 10 coats of lacquer and appearces as high polished surface.
Fitting is really easy and it will take you around 15 minutes!
Exclusive 3D Trim Sets is high quality product and has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY if fitted according to instructions!
Dash Trim Kits are the easiest way to customize the interior of your car. We don't use cheap looking paper-thin materials, but only premium quality veneer and simulated natural looking finishes. Choose any finish you like, from sport and modern Carbon Fiber , Brushed Aluminium to classic and noble Medium Burl Wood. We supply each dashboard kit with everything needed for installation, so no specialists or car repair shops! The Dash Kit is easy to install with our step-by-step Installation Instruction. Install yourself and let your car be not like others. All our 3D Enhancement Kits are laser cut and engineered to fit perfect over top of your existing Factory parts. Install our Trim kit yourself and save with 3M's easy and secure Peel-n-Stick installation technology.
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WeightUp to 500gr
3D Effectthrough 2,5 mm (0,1 inch) thick material, gives the appearance of a high polished surface equivalent to 10 coats of lacquer, made from Polyurethane (PUR)
High-quality productwith smooth rounded edges, resistant to high and low temperatures
Completely safeIn the event of an accident, soft and flexible material - unbreakable, scratch and splinterproof - non-hazardous, tested to the highest standards
Easy to fit within 10-15 minutes.fitted in only 10-15 minutes, safe strong self-adhesive bond guaranteed (5 YEAR WARRANTY if fitted according to instructions!), no aggressive or toxic adhesion agents (super glues)
Easy Removableno risk of damage to vehicle interior - Not for use with already installed trims.

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Tata Tata xenon 4x4 01.2009 Interrieurset Dashboard Bekleding 3M 22 -Onderdelen

  • Manufacturer : Tata
  • Model: Tata xenon 4x4
  • LHD versie voor linksgestuurde auto's (Continentaal Europa, Amerika, ...)
  • Uitvoering: Alle modellen, Beschrijf bij bestelling Handmatig of Automatisch versnellingsbak, Handmatig of Automatisch AC
  • Model Jaar: 1.2009
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