FIAT TALENTO Deflektor prednej kapoty, Kryt prednej kapoty, Dekor Palubnej Dosky, tuning slovensko, tuning autai

Renault Trafic 01.2015 3M 3D Interior Dashboard...

Vehicle Type: Nissan Modell: Primastar Variante: All Models and Versions Manufacturing Year: 1.2015 Quantity of Trim Parts: 19 Position of Interior Customisation Part: Dash Board, Doors, Air Vents, Glove Box, Steering Wheel, Light Switch, Gear Box3D-effect through thick material, gives a high-gloss effect, burl wood, carbon, vehicle trim Woodline,...

Fiat SUV&Break Aero Cross Bars Roof Rack

Brand new complete Universasl roof cross bar system, L= MIN:500mm L=MAX:1250mm comes with everything you will need to fix to your vehicle. The roof bars attach to the vehicle by a clamping system that attaches to the existing raised roof rails on the vehicle and come complete without any locks or keys - Just clamp and bolt on and lock with KEY !

FIAT TALENTO Interior Dashboard Trim Kit Dash Trim Dekor
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