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List of products by supplier AUDI

Audi50(86)Small car1974-1978
AudiA2(8Z)Small car2000-2005
AudiA1(8X)Small car2010-____
AudiA3, S3(8L)Compact car1996-2003
AudiA3, S3, RS3(8P)Compact car2003-____
AudiA3, S3, RS3(8V)Compact car2012-____
Audi72, 60, 75, 80, Super 90(F103)Medium car1965-1972
Audi80(B1 - 82)Medium car1972-1978
Audi80, 90(B2 - 81)Medium car1978-1987
Audi80, 90(B3 - 89)Medium car1986-1991
Audi80 (facelift)(B4 - 8C)Medium car1991-1995
AudiA4, S4, RS4(B5 - 8D)Medium car1994-2001
AudiA4, S4, RS4(B6 - 8E)Medium car2000-2005
AudiA4, S4, RS4 (facelift)(B7 - 8E)Medium car2005-2009
AudiA4, S4, RS4(B8 - 8K)Medium car2007-2015
AudiA5, S5, RS5(B8 - 8T)Medium sport car2007-2016
AudiA4, S4, RS4(B9)Medium car2015-____
AudiA5, S5, RS5(B9)Medium sport car2016-____
AudiQuattro-Medium sport car1980-1991
AudiCoupé(B2 - 81)Medium sport car1980-1988
AudiCoupé(B3 - 89)Medium sport car1988-1991
AudiCoupé (facelift)(B4 - 89)Medium sport car1991-1996
AudiCabriolet(B4 - 8G)Medium sport car1991-2000
Audi100(C1 - F104)Large car1968-1976
Audi100, 200(C2 - 43)Large car1976-1982
Audi100, 200(C3 - 44)Large car1982-1991
Audi100 / A6, S6(C4 - 4A)Large car1990-1997
AudiA6, S6, RS6(C5 - 4B)Large car1997-2005
AudiA6, S6, RS6(C6 - 4F)Large car2004-2011
AudiA6, S6, RS6(C7 - 4G)Large car2011-____
AudiA7, S7, RS7(C7 - 4G)Large sport car2010-____
AudiV8(D1 - 4C)Luxury car1988-1993
AudiA8, S8(D2 - 4D)Luxury car1994-2002
AudiA8, S8(D3 - 4E)Luxury car2002-2009
AudiA8, S8(D4 - 4H)Luxury car2009-2017
AudiA8, S8(D5)Luxury car2017-____
AudiTT(8N)Sport compact / Roadster car1998-2007
AudiTT(8J)Sport compact / Roadster car2007-2014
AudiTT(8S)Sport compact / Roadster car2014-____
AudiR8(42)Sport car2007-2015
AudiR8(4S)Sport car2015-____
AudiQ2-Small SUV2016-____
AudiQ3(8U)Compact SUV2011-____
AudiQ5(8R)Medium SUV2008-2017
AudiQ5(FY)Medium SUV2017-____
AudiQ7(4L)Large SUV2005-2015
AudiQ7(4M)Large SUV2015-____



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