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We specialize in the production of dashboard trim to enhance and decorate. In stock and on order in a variety of colors to choose from. We offer dashboard kits for cars, trucks, and buses! Our dashboard kits are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art technology.
Please browse our catalog of Natural Wood Dashboard Trim Kits, Synthetic Fiber Dashboard Trim Kits, Carbon Fiber Dashboard Trim Kits, Chrome Material Dashboard Trim Kits, Aluminum Dashboard Trim Kits, and Dashboard Trim Kits of a wide variety of colors.

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The benefits can be summarized as follows:

Improved appearance. With the addition of a custom dash kit to your car's interior, the passenger compartment takes on a whole new look and feel. Not only do the dashboard and doors look better, but everything also feels cozier and more entertaining. With colorful or specially customized dash kit panels, your passenger compartment could ultimately have a very unique look among automobiles.
Panel protection. Dash kits also add a protective layer to the panels in your car, which makes the passenger compartment more durable over the course of your time with the vehicle. If dust accumulates or drinks get spilled, all you need to do is wipe off the panels and they're good as new.
Hide flaws. If scratches or nicks are present on any of the panels in your car's interior, they can easily be covered up permanently with the application of dash kits. No longer do you have to worry about a minor dashboard nick lowering the resale value of your car because no one will know that anything happened.
Easy to change. The application of a dash kit is one of the most risk-free alterations that you can make to an automobile. If you end up disliking the color or pattern of a particular kit, you can change it for another one. If a panel gets scraped or worn, you can have it replaced with something identical or different.
Resale value. An upgraded look can improve the resale value of your car. If the dash kits make your car look unique on the inside, it will make the car stand out to potential buyers. By adding color and shininess to the interior, the kit could also make your car look like it was built more recently.
The parts of an interior that are covered by our kits include everything that surrounds the stereo, clutch, and glove box, as well as parts of the steering wheel and door. When applied to these areas, dash kits provide visual appeal and comfort within an automobile's passenger compartment. The effect that these kits can have on each area are as follows:

Cluster/stereo. For anyone who sits in the front seat of an automobile, no part of the interior draws more attention than the stereo. When color or patterning is added to this area, it brings character to this most frequently viewed area.
Center console. The panel that surrounds the clutch is another area that the eyes frequently shift to when stepping into a car. With dash kit pieces placed over the panel that surrounds the clutch, this significant part of the passenger compartment is rendered less drab and more colorful.
Glove box/vent. The front and surroundings of the glove box and vent are second only to the stereo in terms of the attention that is given to parts within the passenger area. A car can look a lot more visually appealing with the placement of dash kit pieces in this prominent area.
Steering wheel. Whenever you're the one driving, the steering wheel is right in front of you the entire time you're in the car. A dash kit piece in the center panels of the steering wheel can turn this mundane feature into something much more visually pleasing.
Door panels. The inner-door panels might not be the most noticeable part of a passenger compartment, but the application of color can bring them in line with your overall interior scheme. With dash kits, the doors form a bigger part of the style and overall appeal of your car.
Some kits cover more areas than others, but it's really up to the customer. Whether you want a kit that will cover numerous features or just the panels that surround your stereo and clutch, custom dash kits can add visual appeal to your car or truck.

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